Airwave Support

Airwave are on hand to help and assist customers with their connectivity problems. We are available to talk to directly, no automated systems or long call queues. We can help diagnose your problem and solve it.

We have listed the most common problems below. If need further assistance, please email or just give us a call.

(021) 2024000


My broadband is not working. What do I need to do?
If you experience a problem getting online, it is always a good idea to reboot your router only as they can hang from time to time.

What is my wireless/Wifi password?
Your Wifi key was supplied to you when you got your broadband (it is on the label underneath your router) but Airwave also keep this information on file. Contact us by phone or email and we can give you your key.

My internet is slow – why?
Your problem could be due to a problem with your connection or your own PC. Try shutting down all open applications (open Task Manager and manually close the processes). If this doesn’t help, go to which is an independent site that measures internet performance. Then contact us by email to with a service report and we will work with you to resolve your issue.

Is it possible to have more than one computer online at the same time?
Yes but you need a Wifi router. This device plugs into your incoming broadband and allows you to share that connection with several devices either wirelessly or cabled to it.

Is it possible to use the broadband for gaming online?
Our broadband works very well for online gaming. All games consoles use specific ports to communicate with the online servers and you will need to ensure the correct ports for your console are opened.

Check your internet speed

AirTalk Support

My phone isn’t working – is there a reason?
Your Airtalk phone service relies on your broadband in order to work. Is your broadband working? Check to make sure the cabling has not been disturbed. Do you have a spare phone handset that you can test with ? If that doesn’t help contact our office and we can check the line itself.

I’ve signed up to Airtalk but I want to use my old number. How do I do this?
In order to move your old number to your new Airtalk line you will need to fill out a port request form. We will then make this request on your behalf to the national numbering authority who will give us a date/time when the number will move across. We will notify you of this and the porting will happen in the background.

I have signed up to your Airtalk phone service, so do I ring up and cancel my eircom line now ?
It depends. If you would like to retain your existing phone number then DO NOT ring your current provider ! If you ask them to cancel your line they will put your number back into their number pool and it will be unavailable to us. When your porting is completed, the eircom line will automatically be closed and your account with them is closed.

Account Support

Can I get a copy of my last invoice?
Each customer has an online portal which can be accessed through our web site. The portal gives access to your current balance and copies of all your invoices.

How can I access my customer portal?
Click on the ‘login’ button at the top of this page and you will be re-directed to the login screen. If you don’t have your account details, click the ‘forgot username’ button and your account details will be emailed to you.

When will my account be direct debited?
Your account will be debited 14 days after your invoice is generated.

I have received a email saying my account is in arrears?
Our billing system will send you a payment reminder 7 days after your invoice is due. You can make payment on this invoice through your customer portal.