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Super fast broadband connection – ideal for all users and all applications – bring the internet to life and enjoy it to its full.

Up to 14 Mbps / 2 Mbps
Unlimited with a fair usage policy

This services requires an external subscriber and it’s installation will cost €150
Please note pricing is ex. VAT


Keep your existing phone no. or we can give you a new one
AirTalk requires a phonebox @ €49 or to rent at €4 per month
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What can Airwave provide the Business customer ?

Airwave operate a carrier grade multi-gigabit IP network in the Cork city and county region. We can deliver scalable solutions, from your corner shop looking for a reliable business grade service, through SME’s with high bandwidth low latency requirements to large corporates requiring dedicated uncontended connectivity with secure SLA. Our network is wholly owned and operated by Airwave – we peer with multiple upstream transit providers to offer a fully redundant solution and can provide failover and backup solutions either independently or as part of a managed solution.
We have a local direct customer support team, unrivalled by our competitors. If you need support, you deal directly with the technician in your area. Our local, helpful and friendly staff will work to resolve your problems in the speediest most efficient manner.

SIP Services

Airwave operates its own VoIP service called Airtalk. We offer a standard FREE calls package to bundle with your broadband connection but the options do not stop there. Are you using an aging analogue PBX with multiple eircom lines? Paying hundreds every month for a additional lines?

We can provide you single or multiple digital SIP lines at a very low cost. Additionally, we can provide a turnkey solution of lines, new digital PBX, phones etc. Local geographical numbers are provided or your existing numbers are ported over.


Airwave is in a position to bring a unique offering to the corporate market—why ? As we own our own infrastructure and are based locally we can manage and support you unlike the larger telco’s who are Dublin based and mostly piggy-backing on Eircom infrastructure.

We can deliver to you via fixed wireless, licensed microwave or via the Cork MAN fibre network and bandwidths from 100Mbps to 1G. Our network is dual homed, so it offers the additional benefit of providing redundancy beyond our network – this level of resiliency cannot be provided by the national providers.


Through our partners at Cork Internet Exchange, we can now offer customers to have their servers hosted in Cork in a professional data center. Because we are connected to CIX, your server would be directly accessable to our network meaning extremely low access times. Its an ideal solution to your off-site backup needs for example.

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